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The “Gut Instinct” Event

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Get Ready to Ignite Your Gut Health Journey at “Gut Instinct”!

WHEN: October 10th, World Mental Health Day.
TIME: 7pm to 9pm.
WHERE: Cork International Hotel, Cork Airport Business Park, Cork, T12 H516.
MC: Broadcaster – Jonathan Healy.

We’re thrilled to invite you to a FREE and fantastic wellness event “Gut Instinct,” sponsored by PrecisionBiotics. Bringing you an evening dedicated to understanding and celebrating the marvellous world of gut health and its incredible impact on your body and mind.

Elaine Patterson: Mind-Gut Connection Unveiled (7pm – 7:30pm):

Ever wondered about the magical connection between your gut and your brain? Elaine Patterson, PrecisionBiotics Health Science and Technology Lead, is here to unravel the mysteries and share why a happy gut equals a happy mind.

Tom Colemen: The Secrets of Sweet Dreams (7:30pm – 8pm):

Prepare to snooze like never before with insights from sleep expert Tom Coleman. He will guide you through the importance of good sleep and reveal how your gut plays a starring role in ensuring you get one.

Eunice Power: Let’s Talk Deliciousness (8pm – 9pm):

Watch the fabulous TV chef Eunice Power whip up quick and easy dishes that’ll make your gut smile and your taste buds dance! From gut-loving ingredients to dishes that nurture your mental wellness, this cookery demo is an absolute must-see.

Elaine Patterson, PrecisionBiotics

Elaine Patterson

Elaine Patterson has always been curious about the links between diet, the gut microbiome and health. After receiving her Bachelor of Science honours degree in Neuroscience from University College Cork (UCC) in 2009, Elaine expanded her education and experience further afield and completed a doctoral degree in Microbiology, also at UCC.

During her post-doctoral research at APC Microbiome Ireland, Elaine bridged the gap between her background and knowledge in Neuroscience with that of Microbiology and dived deep into research that investigated the microbiome-gut-brain axis.

Moving from Cork to further afield, Elaine transitioned from academia to industry and spent four years in Finland working as a Senior Scientist at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (now IFF Health).

Today, Elaine is a Health Science and Technology Lead for Brain Health in Novozymes OneHealth, Cork. In this role, she investigates how dietary supplements, including probiotics, can impact brain physiology, function, and behaviour to influence human health, contributing to new and exciting innovation and product development.

Elaine has published scientific articles in the fields of microbiome, probiotics, and health throughout her career.

Tom Coleman, PrecisionBiotics

Tom Coleman

Sleep plays a crucial role in helping us deal with the demands of life on every level. In this talk Tom Coleman will out why Sleep is important and how it interacts with aspects of our physical, emotional, and mental health.

The talk will give an explanation of sleep mechanics, sleep hygiene and why it is so important. We also look at sleep for optimizing Health, vitality and then explore how to strike a good balance along with changing and developing positive lifestyle habits.

We look at the role of Nutrition & gut health to Sleep and their relationship to our mental Health & Wellbeing, giving people actionable advice and tips on how to protect & improve their gut health. We then look at other areas which impact our Sleep such as Stress & Anxiety and how we can manage them to our advantage. We finish with tips and coping strategies for sleep, stress how to deal with a variety of daily challenges.

About Tom:

Tom Coleman is a diplomatic and articulate speaker and a leading consultant in Sleep, Health & Wellness.

For over a decade Qualified Health Scientist Tom Coleman has been speaking about the importance of Sleep, working with high level teams and elite athletes, consulting and speaking for multinationals on dealing with challenges relating to Shift work and helping people get better sleep.

In 2018 Tom sat on an expert panel contributing to research on Sleep in Corporate Ireland.

Eunice Power, PrecisionBiotics

Eunice Power

I am a big believer in gut health and how it’s intrinsically linked with mental health. As a chef, I always try to keep this in mind in my meal plans, and the cookery demo on October 10th will reflect this, while also keeping in mind the target audience of busy people who often need to eat on the go.

The demo will focus on making quick and easy meals while still keeping good gut health in mind. We can all fall into the trap of grabbing a takeaway to avoid making dinner, but actually, it’s quite easy to whip up something healthy, tasty and nutritious in a short space of time that won’t leave you feeling bloated.

I’ll focus on the creation of easy, protein and fibre rich meals, with plenty of colour, using ingredients like eggs, chickpeas, tuna and salads. I love to add a splash of colour to my dishes, so, for example, I can demonstrate how to make a quick and easy salsa to top off that tuna salad, or how to make a feast from seasonal vegetables.

I’ve done numerous cookery demos, and I’m happy to chat to attendees throughout, explaining my method and why the dishes I’m making are good alternatives to takeaways. I am a fan of PrecisionBiotics products and have no problem discussing my own experience with using them.

About Eunice:

Eunice Power is one of Ireland’s leading chefs and event caterers, offering first-class food made from scratch with care, from the best of seasonal ingredients – every detail considered. Eunice is a familiar face on Irish television, as a regular chef on RTE’s Today Show. She headed up last year’s prestigious West Waterford Festival of Food . Eunice has hosted cookery demonstrations over the past 20 years, She is a great communicator and engages with her audience making cookery demos and learning about food fun.